The values we follow when working in team are respect to every person, rightness, openness and trust.

The company has a flexible employee incentive system that allows an employee to feel the material feedback from the work done. For people who do managerial work in our company the administrative workload is minimized, which allows the employee to go deeper in own field and achieve the best results. We enable each employee to implement new ideas and to have a constant percent from the newly implemented projects.

Our work involves a lot of communication with representatives of different companies from different countries of the world. Every day you can discover something new, as well as understand the processes of new business organization. In our company employees can improve themselves not only as professionals in their field, but also as personalities, by expanding their world outlook, knowing behaviour of different people more, peculiarities of communication and culture. All together, we covered our company's clients the opportunity to develop more efficient business.

Job vacancies:
Currently there are no jobs available.

If you interested in logistics, are proactive and already have work experience in logistics, we are always ready to listen to you. Fill in the form “Request for a career” and send it along with your CV directly from the website. We will explore your request, even if we are not seeking new employees at the moment. If your qualifications meet the requirements of our company, we will contact you.