Customs Brokerage


We professionally provide customs brokerage services. We perform all procedures related to the execution of documents. We correct errors of consignors during the preparation of various export documents in the country of cargo departure.

We perform the following customs-related procedures:

  • handling of export- and import-related documents and their presentation for customs clearance;
  • handling of documents related to re-exportation, re-importation and transit and their presentation for customs clearance;
  • import and export of goods for a limited period of time;
  • re-clearance of documents at customs warehouses and customs terminal;
  • handling of import and export documents for enterprises of European Union countries in Lithuania; 
  • phytosanitary certification, phytosanitary clearance; 
  • organization of additional phytosanitary control through the International Agro-industrial Association;
  • services related to sales of goods and clearance at free warehouse;
  • representation of the client in customs, public institutions, clearance of necessary documents, answers to queries of customs institutions, preparation of reports and other documents;
  • consulting of entities and natural persons concerning the preparation of documents, customs clearance and other issues.