Auto freight forwarding

Food Transportation



From all the Western and Southern European countries to the Baltic countries and Russia.

Types of transportation

transterma - shipment by reefer vehicles with volumes up to 92 m3 and up to 33 EUR-pallets*.
transterma - shipment by reefer articulated vehicles with volumes up to 120 m3 and up to 37 EUR-pallets. Different temperature modes for each trailer. It is possible to carry flowers.
transterma - shipment by reefer vehicles, with rooms of two different temperature modes in one semi-trailer. Up to 92 m3 and up to 33 EUR-pallets.
transterma - shipment by refrigerated vehicles with two floors (double deck). Up to 92 m3 and up to 66 EUR-pallets. Designed to carry low weight cargo.

*EUR-pallet - European pallet

Shipment of cargoes from all European countries where temperature mode is necessary. Full truck load (FTL) door-to-door transportation. Regular delivery of goods from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England.

Mostly, fruits, vegetables and other perishable food products are carried by refrigerated vehicles. These are sensitive products, and special attention to the quality of shipment process during the carriage of such products is needed. In this area, we have gained great experience as we have been working intensively since 2003.

We measure the temperature of the cargo before the start of loading at the site of cargo dispatch. In case the shipper loads good of improper temperature, we can advise the client whether the loading of the cargo is allowed and what best shipping temperature is to be set during the carriage. We can also advise the client how to solve problems with the shipper if they are caused by the inappropriate quality or temperature of the product being loaded.

All semi-trailers are equipped with thermographs, which record what temperature was in semi-trailer during the transport. If necessary, we can provide the client with full transport temperature development for the complete route. We can provide the development directly from the refrigeration unit at unloading site of the cargo.

Standard time for the placement of order is 3 working days prior to the loading. We may also offer the execution of an urgent order service from the above-mentioned countries. In this case, the order may be placed on any workday before 12:00 (local time of the country of loading) and we will pick up your cargo on the same day before 17:00 (local time of the country of loading).