Auto freight forwarding

Full truck Load (FTL)



From all Western and Southern European countries to the Baltic countries, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Types of transportation


- shipment by tarpaulin-covered vehicles with volumes up to 92 m3 and up to 33 EUR-pallets* 


- shipment by tarpaulin-covered articulated vehicles with volumes up to 120 m3 and up to 37 EUR-pallets.


- shipment by tarpaulin-covered large capacity vehicles (JUMBO) with volumes up to 110 m3 and up to 33 EUR-pallets. 


- shipment by tarpaulin-covered large capacity vehicles with enlarged height (MEGA) of up to 3.0 m, with volumes up to 100 m3 and 33 EUR-pallets.

* EUR-pallet - European pallet

We will deliver your cargo by road transport from all European countries. Regular door-to-door delivery of freight from Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England.   

Wide ranges of cargo which need urgent delivery are carried along these routes. According to international law and its peculiarities and upon the customer’s request, our transport specialists will offer the most optimal freight forwarding services.

Standard time for the placement of order is 3 working days prior to the loading. We may also offer the execution of an urgent order service from the above-mentioned countries. In this case, the order may be placed on any workday before 12:00 (local time of the country of loading) and we will pick up your cargo on the same day before 17:00 (local time of the country of loading).

In case of shipment of high-priced cargo, we can provide the services of an independent expert (surveyor). Thus the cargo will be inspected visually, cargo capacity will be recalculated and the quality before the loading will be assessed as well as the cargo fastening equipment will be checked. Similar works as before loading the goods onto the truck will be carried out at unloading site of the cargo.