Railway freight forwarding



From European countries, China and other Asian countries to Russia.

Types of transport 

  • covered vans for shipping of various cargoes, which must be protected from precipitation;
  • semi-vans for shipping of all cargoes that do not need protection from precipitation;
  • platforms for shipping of tanks, forests and machinery.

Cargo transportation by railroads is one of the safest and most reliable options of cargo shipment. Ideal for shipment of oversized, heavy cargoes, as well as large quantities of cargo at a time. It is particularly favourable to transport cargo by railroads at long distances in respect of price-quality. Loaded covered vans are sealed, which minimizes possibility of robbery, burglary. Railways can be almost the only available way of transportation in case of oversized cargo carriage; for this purpose, loading platforms is ideal option. Transportation is carried out all-year-round; practically, they are independent of weather conditions, road surface. Another advantage offered by the railway is a large variety of vans.

Additional services we can offer for carriage of cargoes by railroad:

  • loading – unloading works;
  • storage works;
  • preparation of transport and customs documents;
  • organization of cargo security during transportation;
  • tracking of cargoes.