Sea freight forwarding



From China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, North and South American cities to destinations in Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Types of transport

Common containers (Dry containers)

Shipping by containers in different size and layout:  

  • 20 ft (6.058 m) in length, with the load up to 28.2 t, capacity up to 33 m3;
  • 40 ft (12.192 m) in length, with the load of up to 28.8 t, capacity up to 67 m3;
  • 40 ft (12.192 m) in length, raised, with the load of up to 30.2 t, capacity up to 76 m3;
  • 45 ft (13.716 m) in length, raised, with the load of up to 30.4 t, capacity up to 85m3.

Reefer containers

Shipping of cargo with special temperature mode is carried out by containers of several sizes: 

  • 20 ft (6.058 m), volume up to 28 m3;
  • 40 ft (12.192 m), volume up to 63 m3

Shipping of oversized cargo

Shipping of cargo of non-standard size and weight by containers of several types:

  • 40 ft (12.19 m) in length, with load of 39.8 t, containers-platforms and special (ATD) with fixed or dismountable end walls. These containers are loaded from the top or side and are ideal for carriage of heavy machinery, pipes.
  • 20 ft and 40 ft (6.10 m and 12.19 m) in length, containers with open top, with removable roof rims and tarpaulin curtains.

Containers are perfectly suited for carriage of different types of cargo. Due to the special layout, these containers are of extremely high load capabilities, mounting system ensures maximum safety of cargo. Inside it is equipped with special beams with lugs allowing transportation of goods without unpacking them. Average operating age of containers is 6 years. They are constantly being modernized.

Reefer containers are equipped with a moisture collection system that ensures optimal moisture level inside the container. It is possible to maintain the temperature to -60ºC.

The client can order additional services related to handling of documents (legalization of documents, preparation of documentation for dangerous goods, etc.).